Circuit Plus FAQs

How do I use this app?

Take a closer look at the Circuit Plus app’s how-to guides for a whistlestop tour and guide to how everything works.

Why won’t the app accept my password when I register?

Your password must include a capital letter, lower case letter, number AND special character (e.g. !?) Please contact us if you’re still having issues. 

I’ve made a payment – why hasn’t credit been added to my account?

There may have been a technical hiccup when you were transferring your payment. Please contact us by starting a live chat, call us on 01422 820 026, or use our enquiry form so we can look into it. Please provide your receipt number

Why is my app not picking up any machines?

If you can’t connect to the machine, there might be something wrong with the Bluetooth connection from the phone to the machine.

To solve this:

  • Make sure you’re actually in the laundry room – you can only pay for machines within a 10-30 metre radius
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on and allowed in Bluetooth permissions – this is different than simply having Bluetooth on
  • If you’re using an Android phone and it can’t connect to any of the machines in the laundry, your phone might have reached its limit of how many devices it can connect to. Go to Settings → choose Apps → tap on the button to sort your apps → enable Show system apps → choose Bluetooth → tap Storage → tap Clear data
  • Make sure the machine is powered on. For example, check there’s a light in the display.

What can I do if I have no phone signal in the laundry room?

Like all apps, the Circuit Laundry app runs from a mobile or Wi-Fi signal. You’ll need to be connected use the mobile app, so if you have no signal, you’ll need to use a card to operate the machines.

Can I get a refund for unused credit?

To receive a refund of credit on your app, please send a copy of your original PayPal receipt (which must include to Receipt ID or Transaction ID), the reason for requesting a refund and a screenshot of your app account to

Refunds can only be made using the payment method you used for purchase. Please note that any credit added to your account more than 12 months ago can’t be refunded.

Refunds will not be processed for any free credit. Unused credit will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. There will be a £3 admin charge, and we’re unable to refund any credit under the value of £5.00.

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