How To Dry Your Laundry


Gently open the door

Have a quick look inside the drum to make sure there is no residue or substance from the previous user’s cycle, or any objects that shouldn’t be there.


Clean the dryer’s filter

To get the best drying results and make sure your clothes don’t come out still wet, it’s really important to remove any fluff, dust or trapped objects from the filter.


Load the machine

Add all your washing, but be careful not to under- or over-load. Fill to around 75% for the best results as this will ensure enough hot air circulates around your clothes.


Close door

Without pushing too hard or slamming it shut, make sure the door is fully closed. If it isn’t, the dryer will not start.


Make your payment

Depending on the launderette you are using, different payment options are available, including coins, the Circuit Laundry Card or our mobile app. Please note that some machines will automatically start once payment is made and you select a programme.


Select drying cycle

Choose the right cycle for the clothes you’re drying. Heavy items will need longer, while lighter garments (check the label to make sure your items can be tumble dried) only need a short programme.


Press start

As above, some machines will start as soon as you have paid and selected your programme. If they don’t, please press ‘start’ to begin.


Unload your washing

Once your programme has finished, please remove your laundry quickly so the next person can use the machine. Please do not force the door as it may stay locked for a short time.

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