What to do on your Easter break


A tough term is over, and now you’ve got the chance to enjoy a couple of weeks (and plenty of chocolate) to yourself. But when you’ve taken a few to rest up, what else can you get up to? Whether you’re staying on campus or heading home-home to unwind and raid the fridge, here are just a few ideas to help you recharge in time for next term and those end-of-year exams.

Go explore!

As Easter usually brings milder weather, this break is the ideal time to grab some cheap train tickets and go adventuring. Now’s the time to explore a city you’ve always meant to visit, drop in on friends elsewhere in the country, or even head to the hills for some no-frills camping (or glamping, if you’re feeling fancy). Don’t forget to investigate student railcards for extra money off – and be sure to keep an eye on engineering works, which could affect timetables.

Catch up on your studies

With all of your lecture, seminar and social-life pressure off, Easter provides a great opportunity to cram in some extra revision or dissertation-writing time, without any distractions. Student centres, if they’re staying open, should feel a lot quieter – and if you’re going home, you might not see it as the worst thing to escape into a quiet room to crack on. Just make sure you leave time spare to relax – you deserve it!

Hunt down some eggcellent treats

Since it’s a scientific fact that chocolate has zero calories during the Easter holidays, it’s always worth getting involved. Really feeling that Easter vibe? Whether you’re heading home or staying put, there’s sure to be fun activities – think egg hunts or themed nights out – to join in with. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of local church services happening too.

Earn a bit of cash – or volunteer!

You don’t have to spend your Easter sitting down to enjoy a few books, or binging a few series on Netflix. This could also be a good time to pick up a couple of weeks’ work for a little cash boost, or to get some experience helping your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, you might look for volunteering opportunities in your local community – use socials or ask about to see what’s out there, or sign up with your uni’s volunteering service.

And look after yourself

More than anything else, it’s so important that you look after your wellbeing during your break. If you feel the need to, make sure to check in with the mental health services your uni provides, which should also include urgent support and access to counselling.

Any other Easter-y ideas? Make sure to let us know. Have a good one!

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