How to get that bonfire smell out of your clothes


POV: it’s the day after Bonfire Night, you’ve had way too much fun at your local fireworks display, and you’ve spent ages sharing your best shots on Insta. Now you’re back home, it’s the next morning, and your room/hallway/kitchen stinks of burnt stuff…

The fact is, nobody wants to walk about smelling like a bonfire, even if it’s a nice enough smell on its own. But the good news is, it’s really easy to get the smell of smoke out of your clothes or coat, and get back to smelling like your fave perfume, aftershave or fabric softener!

Just head to your nearest Circuit laundry room and bang everything on to wash – making sure you’ve double-checked all your care labels first, obviously. In next to no time, we’ll have those going-out garms freshened up and ready for your next adventure.

Not sure what the washing symbols in your labels are all about? Head over to our quick guide for some help.

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