How to care for knitwear and rock those Christmas Jumpers


How to care for knitwear and rock those Christmas Jumpers


Now that the dreaded snow has made its first appearance, it’s undoubtedly time to dig out those cosy woolly jumpers, cardis and anything fluffy to keep you nice and toasty. I mean is there anything better than that snug feeling of sipping a hot choc with a large glug of Baileys in, while wearing your cosiest jumper and peeking outside to those snowy scenes? Just perfection. 

But did you know just as your knitwear offers that delicate, soft touch to your skin your knitwear also requires a delicate washing method, to keep them in tip top shape, for wear winter after winter.

Not to panic though, we’ve got you covered so you can concentrate on feeling all cosy in your Bailey’s hot choc bubble.

The knitwear know how:

  • Check the fabric care label and if suitable for the washing machine make sure to use the delicate setting
  • Short wash cycles are usually better so stick to these
  • To avoid any damage, separate knitwear from heavier and tougher fabrics such as denim
  • Make sure you turn your knitwear inside out before washing – this will help prevent pilling
  • Button up any buttons and zip up any zips before washing to prevent snags
  • If suitable for the dryer, dry on the lowest setting possible or to air dry try to lay items flat instead of hanging up as this can cause stretching


Did someone say Christmas Jumpers?

Back in the day, Christmas jumpers were only seen as a torture tool or an embarrassing family tradition but fast forward to 2022 the tackier the better! Embellishments galore to make those snowflakes twinkle, a flashing Rudolph nose, a 3D Santa hat, you name it there is no doubt a Christmas jumper out there that fits the spec. But how on earth do you wash these I hear you ask – something that obviously wasn’t at the top of the list in the design phase!

Seen as though it’s now seen as cool(er) to rock a Christmas jumper you’ll defo want to keep bringing those bad boys out year after year, so make sure to check the care label on how the heck these can be washed, to avoid any disappointment! 😉


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