How often should you wash your clothes?

1st Jan 2023

The old stereotype of smelly students who never wash is long overdue an update. Not least because it’s never been easier to wash and dry your clothes at the campus laundrette. For starters, coin-operated machines are history – and these days, your machines will even ping your phone when your stuff’s dry.

So if there’s no excuse to get your clothes clean, how often should you do it? Read on to find out more…

Fresh garms? Keep them that way

Clean clothes don’t just look and smell fresh – they last loads longer, too. A big part of your new independence includes looking after yourself. Wash and dry your own stuff, and you get bonus points for not taking big loads home with you. And let’s be honest: nothing really beats fresh sheets and soft towels, does it?

Hygiene matters when you’re house-sharing

With lots of you living in a shared space, it’s really important to be mindful of hygiene. That means making sure you’re not sharing things like bath and hand-towels, which can easily spread germs. Similarly, it’s a good idea to regularly wash your tea towels, and sensible to wash your bedding far more than you think. This way, you’ll combat any risk of irritation or those dreaded bed bugs.

You don’t have to wash everything constantly

Gym and swim gear? Yep, you’ll probably want to keep on top of that. Underwear? You definitely won’t get away with turning it inside out for long. But some clothes – like jackets, or jeans, can go longer between washes. In fact, some jean makers even recommend you wait six months before you do the first wash… We’ll leave that one up to you, but after six months of uni life, they might just be crawling.

Circuit makes laundry easy

Download the free Circuit app, and you can quickly and easily find a washing machine near you. Use with a Circuit top-up card, debit or credit card, or any Apple or Android device. No coins or codes necessary. We’ll even send you a notification when your laundry’s done.


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