How often should I wash my bedding?


Let’s be honest: washing bed sheets can be a bit of a faff. It takes ages, and then, somehow, you forget to put your new sheets on. Cue standing at the end of your bed at 10.30pm, wrestling with your duvet.

But logistics aside, washing your sheets is actually a really important job. And it might surprise you to learn that we should all do it a lot more often – especially if we have pets!

Sheets need cleaning more than you realise

The average person will spend about 26 years of their life asleep. Which is a LOT of time to put dirt, sweat, body oils and make-up on our sheets and pillows.

Leave all that grime too long, and you’ve probably guessed that things will start to look, feel and smell pretty bad, and might even start to affect the quality of your sleep.

And did you know that a dirty bed is a haven for dust mites? Maybe let’s not think about that one too much...

For students, though, bedding can get dirty even faster than that. After all, in small rooms in shared accommodation, our beds often turn into our sofas – there’s nowhere comfier to read, work and stream shows. And who can really pretend they’ve never dropped toast crumbs in their bed when they’re feeling poorly (or extra lazy)?

Wash hot, wash often

The only answer to dirty sheets is regular washing – think once a week, or once a fortnight if you’re not sleeping in your sheets every night. Or even more than that if you have a pet who loves a cheeky snuggle overnight.

By washing bedding more frequently, your sheets will look and smell fresher, last much longer, and help you enjoy that amazing new-sheets feeling on the regular. And thanks to Circuit’s powerful washers and dryers, we promise we can help to make it feel less of a chore.

Rock up, check the labels on your sheets, and throw everything on to clean. We recommend washing bedding at the hottest temperature shown on your label, for the best hygiene results. As a rule, cotton can be washed hotter than other fabrics.

Just remember that while our large capacity washers are more than big enough to handle your sheets, pillowcases and protectors, they won’t wash your duvet or pillows! To get these cleaned, you’ll have to nip to your local dry-cleaning specialist.

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