Happy holidays from everyone at Circuit


As we all head into the Christmas break, we wanted to take the chance to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

We’ll be here again in 2023 to help make doing your laundry less hassle. And our resolution? To make sure you’ll be happier than ever with our service, obviously.

Don’t forget to look after yourself

And we don’t just mean on those icy pavements. Yep, for many of us, the Christmas holidays can be quite tough, and being back at home with family might feel like a big change of pace after taking care of yourself since the start of term.

It’s fine to be tired, right now, and you deserve to carve out some space for yourself – to relax, to see old mates, and to do the stuff you love doing. You might even to reflect on the year just gone, and the year ahead. What’s exciting you? What are the good things you want to do more of in 2023?

If a situation at home does start to feel a bit zesty, and not in a good way, don’t worry about removing yourself from it. Head out to clear your head, or suggest a change in subject, or something else to do. Games, kick-abouts in the snow (fingers crossed), longish walks – all of these activities can help to reduce everyone’s stress, and relieve tension. They might help offset some of that festive booze, too!

The important thing is that you won’t be alone, and that there’s plenty of support and advice out there on coping with festive stress – not least from your closest pals. Reach out to the people who might help you keep your head on through drama. Or simply let you vent. And never forget that there’s professional help available, if you need it.

Plus, don’t go too mad on the presents front

Students have to spend enough. We’re not saying you should pull the ‘skint’ card – but definitely try and keep in mind that you’re having to balance some pretty tricky finances, the cost of living, and giving gifts. With all this in mind, make sure you’re only spending what you can afford to spend on presents. And if in doubt, make one! Because it really is the thought that counts, and often it’s the smallest gestures that go the longest way.

Have a good one, and we’ll see you in 2023.


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