Can I make my clothes soft without fabric softener?


Cosy, fresh-smelling, wrinkle-free clothes are a proper home comfort – and something we can’t blame you for craving while you adjust to living in halls of residence. But as Circuit machines don’t let you use fabric conditioner (there’s no drawer, and direct contact will damage your clothes!), can you still enjoy some just-washed softness? Read on for our best alternatives…

Chuck a dry towel in with your wet clothes

It might sound a bit strange, but putting a clean towel in the dryer with your wet clothes will help to soften up fabrics and cut the chances of static cling when you unload your stuff. No fuss, no chemicals, no annoying static shocks – just a tried-and-tested way to make your clothes feel almost brand new.

Try all-in-one capsules

While we don’t allow liquid softener/conditioner in our equipment, using laundry tablets or capsules that contain conditioner is fine by us. That’s because the conditioner they contain is much less concentrated, and much less likely to damage your laundry.

Throw in some dryer balls

Dryer balls are handy reusable balls that go in the dryer with your wet laundry. Just by bouncing around during a cycle, they help to separate your clothes and smooth down fibres, reducing wrinkles and increasing softness. Bonus!

Nice day? Air dry!

If the weather’s half-decent or it’s a bright summers day, consider air-drying your clothes. Sure, back gardens in halls are pretty hard to come by, but even a clothes maiden near an open window should do the trick! It’s a surefire way to avoid static and dryer wrinkles, and your delicate garms will be protected too. (Just remember than in the colder months, drying clothes indoors can cause mould and mildew if there isn’t enough ventilation!)

Or, simply go without

Certain fabrics – think technical materials in your favourite running gear – are often better being washed without fabric conditioner in the first place. That’s because conditioner can leave a residue that stops sweat from wicking away, or clogs up fabric pores to affect breathability. Steer clear of conditioner, and your sports gear should perform better, for longer.

Need more tips on washing your clothes like you’re still back home? Check out our quick guide.

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