6 hacks for easier laundry days


Let’s face it: nobody actively likes doing their laundry. Between your piles of clothes, the sorting, the waiting about and folding everything away afterwards, there are probably better ways to spend your day. But heading to the laundry room doesn’t have to be something you dread…

At Circuit, we’re all about finding ways to make laundry days feel like plain sailing.  So while we can’t send robots round to fetch your stuff just yet, we can definitely help you speed up the process. Let’s dive into six of our favourite tips and tricks!

Sort your clothes before you leave

Before you head out to your laundry room, make sure you’ve sorted through your wash basket first. That basically means spending a few minutes separating darker and brightly coloured stuff from lighter garments, and picking out any delicates (or items for hand wash only). It’s the safest way to prevent colour bleeding, damage or shrinking, and means your clothes will last longer.

If in doubt, double-check the label in your clothes for recommended washing temperatures and care details. Or if you’re still not convinced, try washing the lot on an eco-friendly 30°C cycle! (Not sure what all the symbols mean? Check out our handy guide to washing labels.)

Use a quality detergent

Yep, you can save a little bit of cash by going cheaper. But the right detergent can really improve the results of a wash, and make sure you don’t have to put another load on. Just remember to follow the instructions, as using too much detergent could leave sticky residue on your clothes, and force you to do another wash anyway. Nightmare!

Don't overload the machine

Obviously it’s tempting to try and do all your washing in one, and save time as you go. But overloading the machine will lead to poor cleaning and wrinkly clothes, and probably you mean having to do another load after all. Circuit’s machines have markings inside so you know when to stop – but as a recommendation, try not to fill more than three-quarters of the drum. This way, there’s plenty of space for water and detergent to slosh about.

Tackle stains before you start a wash

Whether it’s grass, mud or – fancy – red wine, pre-treating stained garments with a special remover will usually mean you get better results.

Charge your phone or tablet battery!

Sometimes, we just need a bit of downtime. So if you’re not using – you could always see doing your laundry as a chance to kick back and relax with your current favourite playlist, or a couple of episodes of that TV show you’re obsessing over. Or if you want to go really old-school, why not pack a page-turner?

Use our free laundry app

The free Circuit laundry app.

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Want more great tips on bossing your laundry? Follow our step-by-step guide.




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