Circuit Laundry Ambassadors:
a voice for your students

Circuit’s Student Laundry Ambassador Scheme is a programme aimed at students who use the laundry facilities within their halls of residence.

The role of Laundry Ambassadors is to spend one hour a week within the laundry to

  • Complete a pre-approved checklist and submit to Circuit at the end of each shift.
  • Gather feedback and points of interest from fellow students about their laundry experience.
  • Report any faults or communicate any areas of improvement.

In addition to the above the Laundry Ambassadors will be expected to engage with Circuit through our social media platforms.

The scheme is designed to be flexible work experience around their studies and social commitments. Payment will be given in laundry credit added directly to their app by Circuit. Benefits to the student include:

  • Prove their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, which will help them to stand out in future job applications and interviews
  • Ambassador welcome pack -water bottle, t-shirt, highlighter, pen and tote bag
  • Ongoing training & support
  • Experience in helping with onsite events
  • Professional reference for their CV

 To discuss introducing the programme to your laundry rooms, just contact your account manager.

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