Circuit Laundry Ambassadors:
a voice for your students

Circuit’s unique Student Laundry Ambassador scheme is a programme aimed at students who use the laundry facilities. It gives Circuit insights direct from your laundry room, including reports on machine faults, cleaning standards, and satisfaction levels. But more importantly, it gives your students a voice – it’s the fastest way to make sure handy ideas are noted, and any issues are sorted quickly.

What do Student Laundry Ambassadors do?

As an on-site advocate for the Circuit brand, Student Laundry Ambassadors offer support and guidance to other students, answering questions while endorsing Circuit on social media. Every week, a Laundry Ambassador will spend one hour a week in your laundry to:

  • Complete checks and send insights to Circuit at the end of each shift
  • Gather feedback from fellow students about their laundry experience
  • Report any faults or let us know about any improvements needed

The scheme is flexible around studies and social commitments, and ambassadors enjoy free laundry as a thankyou. We look for friendly, reliable people who are happy to post on their social media channels, and currently live in halls with on-site Circuit laundry facilities.

How does the scheme work?

  1. We’ll work with you to agree the number of roles available, the duration of the scheme, and the amount we’ll pay each student in laundry credit
  2. We’ll create all the advertising collateral for the roles
  3. You’ll take responsibility for advertising roles in student touchpoints, from on site posters to social media
  4. Recruitment, interviewing and selection can be handled by your team, by Circuit or collectively
  5. We’ll arrange onsite training with successful applicants

We’ll also keep you updated on the performance of your Laundry Ambassadors, and report any key findings or points of interest.


For more details on how our Ambassador scheme could benefit you, email us at

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