Pro tips on getting the most from your lectures


When it comes to learning cool new stuff, your uni lecture halls are often where those brain-expanding, mind-blowing moments happen. But whether you’re fresh from college and new to the format, or still getting back into the swing of things after summer, there’s always the chance of overwhelm. In this post, we’ve lined up a few top tips to make sure you’re prepped to squeeze the best from your lectures.

Prep if you can!

With lectures sometimes lasting an hour, and lots of ground to cover, it’s always worth getting yourself in the right mindset beforehand. To give your brain the best possible chance to absorb all the new info it’s about to take in, try to arrive ahead of time, make sure to grab any printed handouts, and – the best tip of all – read up on the topic before the session starts.

Take notes (but don’t worry if they aren’t perfect)

With so much to learn – and pressure to make sure you’re catching everything in your notes – more complicated lectures can sometimes feel extra stressy, or too pacy. The trick is to know when to try and keep up, and when to stop and switch it up. This could mean asking questions and seeking answers at the end of the lecture, or even catching up with other friends afterwards to compare notes, firm up your new knowledge, and plan further reading.

Keep your concentration

Cinema rules apply in the lecture hall – so that’s no chatting, no tapping, and definitely no popcorn throwing! Looking to stay sharp for the whole session? Silence and pocket your phone, sip a nice cold water (caffeine works, obviously, but it can cause crashes if you have a long day ahead!) and remember to think about your posture now and again. It can also help to sit closer to the front!

Try some new memory techniques

If plain old note-taking really isn’t your bag, why not experiment with other ways to get down the essentials? Lots of people learn to use visual diagrams or mind-mapping techniques to make complex ideas much easier to grasp and revise later – take a look on YouTube for some quick primers. Of course, there might be an even easier solution: many unis now record their lectures so you can listen back later!



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