How to keep on top of your laundry


When uni life offers an almost endless list of fun things to do (plus, uh, studying), tackling your washing basket isn’t exactly top of the list. In fact, whether you’re carting a load down to the laundrette, trying to pair up odd socks, or – nightmare – ironing your shirts afterwards, it can be a real pain.

But the literal rinse and repeat of laundry doesn’t have to be a task you dread. Not with a little bit of discipline, and a laundry service that takes away most of the pain… Master some of our quick tips and tricks, and you might just learn to enjoy it!

Sort your washing by colour and fabric

Before you lob everything straight into the machine, it’s always worth sorting items by colour and fabric type, not least to stop yourself shrinking or dyeing your faves because they’re washed at the wrong temperature. Get to know your care labels (our handy guide will help), then keep things separate – the snazziest baskets even come with different compartments to make this super simple!

Build washing into your weekly schedule

So you don’t make a laundry mountain out of a laundry molehill, it’s a good idea to set a regular day aside to sort your washing. Consistency is key: keep it up, and before too long, bundling up your dirty washing will feel like second-nature, and your floordrobe will be a thing of the past.

Use the Circuit app to check machine availability

Circuit’s app helps you make the most of your available time, and makes sure you won’t waste it either. So, when you’ve got all your laundry ready to roll, take a few moments to check the app and make sure there’s space for you. Not using the app? Find your site and check the live room view page instead!

Make the most of it

When you’ve established a good routine, washing and drying time can actually give you the opportunity to do some catching up. Listen to your favourite podcast, chat to friends and family, or read a few chapters of that book you’ve been meaning to get to… Or for maximum satisfaction/productivity, you could even tackle some of your coursework.

And put everything away as soon as you can

With your washing and drying done, the tricky bit is boxed off! Now all you need to do is dig deep and find that last bit of energy to put everything away in its right place. Folding and hanging up your clothes not only helps to prevent wrinkles, but keeps your clutter to a minimum. And when it’s sorted, you get to feel all smug.


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