Setting the standards in managed laundries

Circuit constantly develops new technologies to help you attract and retain laundry customers to boost profits. We can currently offer service innovations such as:


  • Leading edge machine specifications

    Choose from market-leading equipment that’s designed for your customers’ convenience

  • Mobile apps and web purchasing

    Increase your appeal and encourage usage amongst busy customers

  • Cashless vending

    Add convenience to improve experience and boost profit

  • Contactless card technology

    Make laundry even easier and encourage return visits

  • Soap vending solutions

    Add more revenue streams to your laundry

  • Fault alert system

    Receive automatic email alerts if a fault occurs

  • Interior design

    Have attractive décor to attract more customers

  • Live machine availability monitoring

    Offer the online LaundryView service to minimise customer waiting times and ensure a positive experience

  • Eco-innovations for BREEAM sustainability

    Meet best practice in sustainable building design, and save money on utilities

  • Detergent auto-dosing

    Offers an additional revenue stream, eliminates misuse and ensures correct dosage is used