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Circuit at CUBO 2017

30th June 2017

CuCircuit was proud to be both a sponsor and an exhibitor at the CUBO Summer Conference 2017. Held at the University of Kent from 27th to 29th June, the conference provided some great opportunities to network with other CUBO members and talk about the benefits of Circuit’s managed laundry systems for university accommodation.

With a theme of “Punch above Your Weight”, the conference served as a platform for university officers, suppliers and distributors to come together and form valuable business connections. We were thrilled to be part of such a successful conference and look forward to the next one!

Temperature Guide for Washing and Drying

One of the biggest issues we see with student laundry here at Circuit is that most residents of uni accommodation aren’t washing or drying their clothes at the right temperatures. Too cold and you won’t get your clothes clean; too hot and you run the risk of turning your favourite dress into a t-shirt. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to help you wash and dry your laundry like a pro.

It goes without saying that you should always check the label; if you don’t know what the symbols on your clothing tags mean, check out our Laundry Help page for more information.


Don’t just chuck everything in at 30C – while it might seem easier, you won’t be properly caring for your clothes, which will all have different requirements for washing. Whites and cotton fabrics (this includes bedding) should be washed at 60C, while colours should be washed at 40C to prevent fading. Synthetic items, such as tights or workout clothing, should be washed at 40C as well. Delicate items, like underwear, should be washed at 30C in a mesh bag to keep them from snagging or tangling.


Drying your clothes in a tumble dryer is the quickest and easiest way to finish doing your laundry; no one wants to have to leave a window open in the pouring rain as they wait for their clothes to dry on a rack! However, one wrong temperature choice and you could cause shrinking or damage, and when you’re on a tight budget, buying new sheets or clothes is probably not at the top of your list.

Cotton items, like tailored shirts, jeans, bedding and towels should be dried on a cycle with a temperature of about 150-160C. Other items that are cotton blends or use synthetic fabrics should be dried at 140-150C. Silks and other delicate items should be dried at 110-120C to reduce any risk of damage.

Treat Your Clothing Right

Washing and drying your clothes at the right temperatures means that you’re taking care of them properly so that they’ll last longer. It will save you money in the long run, and as a student, every penny counts!

Our Top Tips for Student Laundry

15th May 2017

Freshers’ Week is over and the start of term is coming, but you’ve run out of clothes to wear and you’ve never done laundry away from home. Don’t worry – it’s not really that complicated to do laundry in halls! We’re here with some useful student laundry tips so that you don’t have to re-wear dirty jeans or shirts, or take a chunk out of your loan for spare pants and socks.

Keep a Schedule

The best way to prevent a laundry pile-up in your room is to do your laundry regularly. Try and set a time each week where you sort out your washing and stick to it. Why not try bringing some of your uni work with you so you can get two tasks done at once?

Always Read the Label

Those strange, esoteric symbols on your clothes tags aren’t just for fun; they’re instructions on how to properly clean your clothes so that they last longer. Put a cashmere jumper in a tumble dryer at 160C and you’ll have a crop top fit for a toddler at the end of the cycle. You can find a handy guide to the wash symbols on clothing labels on our Laundry Help page.

Find the Goldilocks Zone

If you underload a washing machine, your clothes will be sopping wet at the end of a cycle. If you overload the machine, it won’t clean your items properly. You need to strike a balance, but don’t worry – you don’t need to weigh your laundry basket before every wash. Make sure that the drum is at least a quarter full, but no more than three quarters full, and you should be fine.

Choose the Right Detergents

The easiest option is to use the detergent and fabric softener that your family uses at home, but if you’d like to branch out a little, here’s a quick guide:

  • Bio detergent is good for cleaning stained, dirty clothes
  • Non-bio detergent is better if you have sensitive skin
  • Fabric softener is a nice bonus, but it’s not strictly necessary

You can use powder, liquid, or tablets, the last of which is probably the easiest choice as you just pop them in the drum with your clothes. If you use fabric softener, make sure it’s a non-bleach version.

Tumble Dry or Air Dry?

Whether or not you want to tumble dry your clothes or let them air dry is up to you; both are great options. Tumble driers will ensure that everything is dried faster, and you won’t have to waste precious by setting up a clothes airer. If you do decide to air dry clothes, don’t hang them on the radiators; as tempting as it might be, it will just cause issues with damp in your room.

Make Student Laundry Stress-Free

The stereotype of students having mountains of dirty laundry shouldn’t have to be a reality. Follow our tips and you’ll never have to worry about running out of clean shirts before a big night out!

Circuit at ASRA 2017

13th April 2017

Circuit Managed Laundry exhibited at ASRA 2017 at the Hilton Metropole in beautiful Brighton from Sunday 9th April to Wednesday 12th April. This was the year’s biggest conference for student accommodation in the UK and Ireland, and Circuit was proud to be a Gold sponsor for the event, alongside groups like Unite Students, Fresh Student Living and Campus Life.

As the market leaders in managed student laundry, we had lots to talk about with conference attendees. We were there to discuss our coin-op, cashless and contactless payment solutions, as well as our dedicated mobile app that makes doing laundry as easy as tapping a screen. We even had a great giveaway where attendees had to try to solve our Rubik’s cube for the chance to win an iWatch!

The Circuit team was available throughout the conference to talk to procurement directors, MDs and other student housing officials about our innovative managed laundry solutions for student accommodation, as well as how our equipment enhances current laundry offerings through end-to-end planning, which includes design and installation as well as machine supply and servicing.

Circuit helps Unite help the homeless

20th August 2015

One of Circuit’s biggest customers, Unite, is donating all of last year’s bedding from its Unite House student accommodation in Bristol to the ‘Help the Homeless’ charity. And, to make sure the sheets, pillowcases, duvets and blankets are as fresh as possible before they are handed over, Circuit has donated 150 wash tokens to cover the cost of laundering the items at its on-site launderette.

Circuit goes gold for ASRA Conference

26th March 2015

ASRAKeep an eye out for Circuit at the ASRA 2015 ANNUAL CONFERENCE, from the 19th – 21st April 2015 at the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales…


As a ‘Gold Sponsor’, Circuit will be showcasing and demonstrating a range of products at this popular event, each designed to improve overall student experience by making laundry life easier.

From coin-operated, cashless and contactless vending solutions to a new smartphone app that takes the hard work out of washing as students get to grips with living away from home, the UK’s leader in managed laundry will have lots to talk about at the conference. As such, those in education facilities management can find out everything they need to know about enhancing laundry services in halls and other student accommodation by visiting Stand 14 on any of the 3 dates above.

The friendly Circuit Laundry team will be happy to talk you through how it’s possible to maximise profits through a ‘no capital outlay’ package, and provide details of the end-to-end planning, design, installation and interior design on offer as they introduce you to a range of stylish-yet-robust washers and dryers.

You can register to attend the event by visiting, but if you’d like more details on Circuit Laundry’s service and products before the event, please call them on 0800 032 0070.

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