Circuit introduces £5 top-ups, making life even easier for students

After listening to feedback from students all over the UK, Circuit has introduced a new, lower value top-up amount which will allow students to add £5 at a time to their My Circuit accounts. Replacing the previous £10 minimum top-up, the £5 option means students can get the best of both worlds, keeping more of their cash free for other things while still being able to load their Circuit account with enough credit to cover a number of visits – and not having to carry change.

As Circuit’s Director Malcolm Brooke explains:

“We are always keen to ensure we are offering the very best service that we can for our clients and their students, so during recent site visits we spent quite a bit of time talking to students to see if there was anything we could do to make Circuit laundry life easier for them, a £5 minimum top-up was the main thing that kept popping up. We were happy to introduce this as a result of the feedback- giving them a £5 option means they can keep cash free for other things, but still have the convenience of using our top-up card system.”

If you have any other suggestions for the Circuit team, let them know via their contact form